I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone in the club for the wonderful Past President Pin for my 3-year term as President, and for the beautiful plaque that is now hanging proudly in my home-office. They mean a lot to me, as does this club and all of your friendship and comradery in Rotary. I truly feel blessed to belong to a club that supports me and allows me to ‘spread my wings’ and undertake projects that are meaningful to me.  I am proud of our club’s commitment to Rotary, the Rotary Fund, and those in need both locally and internationally.  Attached, please find a picture of the plaque in my home-office, and a Citation from the District Governor (not a speeding citation :) ) that I received in the mail this morning. Our club has a proud tradition of making a big impact. Thank you again; I will cherish both of these gifts.  With the warmest regards and thanks.  - Dr. Todd Nitkin