As I mentioned at the Rotary Club meeting, I am working on another project to supply computers to schools in Belize through my nonprofit Believe in Belize and my partnership with MESA in District 6600.  This is the link to the first project I did a couple of years ago
For this new project if you have any computers (monitors, printers, etc. are OK too) you would like to donate please email me to work out the logistics.
Also, I have an opportunity to purchase 65 used computers for $20 each at a total cost of $1300.  If anyone is interested in helping fund this purchase you may do so through the PayPal link or by sending a check to Believe in Belize, 9402 Bentridge Ave., Potomac MD 20854.  Donations are deductible per US code.  Anyone not planning to itemize when filing their 2020 tax return should find this link to be of interest
PayPal donation link:
Thank you for your support!