Posted by Bob Nelson on Jan 12, 2021
Member of the Senate since September 17, 2013. Vice-Chair, Finance Committee, 2019- (member, 2013-; property & casualty subcommittee, 2015-17; chair, transportation subcommittee, 2015-16; chair, health subcommittee, 2017-18; chair, energy & public utilities subcommittee, 2019-; member, health & long-term care subcommittee, 2019-). Member, Workers Compensation Benefit and Insurance Oversight Committee, 2015-; Executive Nominations Committee, 2019-; Legislative Policy Committee, 2019-; Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics, 2019-; Marijuana Legalization Work Group, 2019-. Senate Chair, Joint Electric Universal Service Program Work Group, 2020-. Member, Joint Information Technology and Biotechnology Committee, 2014; Joint Committee on Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Biotechnology, 2014-18. Senate Chair, Joint Committee on Federal Relations, 2015-18 (member, 2014-18). Associate member, Women Legislators of Maryland, 2018-. Member, National Conference of State Legislatures, 2016- (vice-chair, communications, financial services & interstate commerce standing committee, 2016-18, member, 2019-; member, executive committee task force on state & local taxation, 2018-; energy supply task force, 2019-). Member, Eastern Regional Conference Council of State Governments, 2019- (energy & environment committee, 2019-; health committee, 2019-).

Member, Maryland Offshore Wind Business Development Advisory Committee, 2013-14; Maryland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council, 2013-17. Board of Directors, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, 2014- (human services & public safety policy committee, 2017-). Member, Transit Task Force, Montgomery County, 2015; Task Force on the Maryland Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program, 2015-16; Task Force to Study Maternal Mental Health, 2015-16; Maryland Economic Development Commission, 2015-. Co-Chair, Task Force to Study Family and Medical Leave Insurance, 2016-18. Senate Chair, Maryland Health Insurance Coverage Protection Commission, 2017-. Member, Southern States Energy Board, 2019-.

Member of House of Delegates, representing District 15, Montgomery County, January 8, 2003 to September 17, 2013. Parliamentarian, 2011-13. Member, Economic Matters Committee, 2003-13 (business regulation subcommittee, 2003-10; corporations work group, 2003-06; property & casualty insurance subcommittee, 2003-13; consumer protection & commercial law subcommittee, 2007-10; chair, banking, economic development, science & technology subcommittee, 2007-13); Medical Malpractice Insurance Work Group, 2004; Joint Committee on Access to Mental Health Services, 2005-11. House Chair, Joint Technology Oversight Committee, 2007-09. Member, Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review, 2007-13. House Chair, Joint Information Technology and Biotechnology Committee, 2009-13. Member, Rules and Executive Nominations Committee, 2011-13; Regional Revitalization Work Group, 2013-. House Chair, Montgomery County Delegation, 2007-12 (transportation committee, 2003-07; county affairs committee, 2011-13). Member, Maryland Veterans Caucus, 2005-. Member, National Conference of State Legislatures (financial services committee, 2005-07; vice-chair, communications, financial services & interstate commerce committee, 2016-, member, 2007-).

Member, Task Force on Assistance to Disabled Veterans Establishing Small Businesses, 2005.

Trial attorney, Tax Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 1988-2001