My name is Sanah Jivani. I am particularly excited to be reaching out to my new local Rotary clubs (will be moving to the area from Texas!) because Rotary has been instrumental in my life and leadership development. When I was 12 years old, I was diagnosed with a condition called Alopecia and lost my hair overnight. As you can imagine, this is a traumatic experience for a young person. I struggled with my mental health and self-confidence. I began to first develop my voice when I found Interact and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. They provided me with grassroots funding and mentors and believed in me when I did not have supportive adults or mentors to lean on. I have a deep connection to Rotary, and with the help and mentorship of my local club, I started my own non-profit organization ( that now impacts over 50,000 students a year in 28 countries (my story was recently featured on Good Morning America!). I have loved speaking to over 40 Rotary clubs around the nation about the impact that Rotarians can have on young people. Rotary taught me that in your local community, there are always ways to give back. As I continued to think about the impact Rotary has had on my life and journey, I decided to accept a position with Generation Hope. Generation Hope surrounds motivated teen parents and their children with the mentors, emotional support, and financial resources that they need to thrive in college and kindergarten, thereby driving a two-generation solution to poverty. I relate to many of our scholars, because I grew up in a household filled with domestic violence and was often told that I would not succeed. Good mentors and leadership from my local Rotary club shifted that for me, and as the new Community Engagement Manager at Generation Hope, inquire re: speaking or partnering with your club.  

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