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From: Todd Nitkin [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2020 3:34 PM

Greetings all, 

I have been monitoring the situation, through the CDC and WHO, who are the bodies to which we should look during this event.  They recommend cancelling all voluntary meetings of this kind, so that people can try to stay apart enough to slow and then remove the threat of community person to person infection.  This is what is not only good for us, but good for our community. This is why schools and major league events are being cancelled. Therefore, we should cancel the meeting tonight, and let our club know.  So sorry, Jake, as I know you prepared for this meeting. Perhaps we can do it another time soon? 

Bob, could you please send out an email to the club, cancelling tonight's meeting?  Thanks so much

Have a beautiful day!


Dr. Todd A. Nitkin, DPM, FACFAS, MPH

World Vision International  

Senior Advisor, Sector DME & Research for Health