Posted by Bob Nelson on Apr 11, 2018
"Clara Barton: No Ordinary Courage" is the topic for the Rotary Club meeting on April 12, 2018, at 6:30pm, the 106th anniversary of her death. Public Service hallmarked Clara Barton’s life from her initial career as a school teacher to her medical support and nursing during the Civil War, establishment of the American Red Cross and First Aid Association in 1905. A favorite civilian volunteer of Generals Ambrose Burnside, Benjamin Butler and Ulysses S. Grant, she received a rare compliment from President Abraham Lincoln via his published request to the public supporting her missing soldier’s identification work. This presentation explores the talents and events that guided Barton throughout her life and her legacy to the American people through the American Red Cross. This will be a brief first person portrayal by Susan Rosenvold from Montgomery History, as Clara Barton tells her own story.