Nov 08, 2018 6:30 PM
Bob Bachman, Montgomery History
BOOM: How Montgomery County Developed in the 1950s

BOOM: How Montgomery County Developed in the 1950s. A lecture and PowerPoint presentation summarizing the rapid development of lower Montgomery County in the 1950s as a suburb of Washington, DC.  The focus is on demographics, housing & subdivisions, shopping centers, schools, parks & recreation, & libraries, with emphasis on the many County areas.  This program was offered at the 2018 Montgomery County History Conference. 

Bob Bachman received an MA in American Studies from George Washington University.  His thesis was Takoma Park: 1883-1942 – A Case Study of a Railroad Suburb.  He currently is President of the Board of Directors of Montgomery History, as well as chair of the Center for Suburban Studies Steering Committee.