BCM's programs includes an extended wilderness summer trip for under­served teens. While similar to other outdoor education programs, BCM conducts its outings in a 5:1 ratio of adult volunteers to teens, a unique format that transforms their program into an intense and meaningful mentoring experience. Although BCM uses an unconventional setting for its program, its goals are similar to those of traditional youth development agencies. Specifically, the BCM program positively impacts teens’ beliefs with regard to age/ethnic diversity, self-esteem, environmental awareness, and interpersonal relationships. As a result of the exposure and relationships formed with adult volunteer role models, these teens become better equipped to make critical career, educational and healthy lifestyle decisions.

Jason Hamel is our club's volunteer for this program (shown in the picture unfurling the Potomac-Bethesda Rotary Banner on Top of Mt. Rainier)

Our goal is to raise $500 annually to support his effort.  If you would like to donate to this goal please write your check to PB Rotary Foundation/BCM and mail it to: 
PB Rotary Foundation
9402 Bentridge Ave
Potomac, MD 20854

Your donation is tax deductible so please include a return address so that we may send you your receipt.