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October 23 10am  Bells Mill Elementary School
November 1 1:30pm  Potomac Elementary School (temporarily located in Bethesda)
November 8 1pm  Beverly Farms Elementary School
November 13 10am  St. Elizabeth Catholic School
November 15 11am  drop off at Waters Landing Elementary School
November 20 10:30am  Seven Locks Elementary School
November 29 1pm  Poolesville Elementary School
December 5 10am  Wayside Elementary School
Please let Alan Grant know if you will be coming to help distribute dictionaries to third graders.
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Pedro Zavarce, CEO and Senior Producer, PZ Video
Feb 21, 2019 6:30 PM
The Power of Video to Engage People
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    February 2
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    February 19
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Feb 18, 2019
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Feb 08, 2019
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